you're so young and so pretty
june 16, 2000

Nash KatoBefore I ever delved into britpop, I was into a few American Indie bands in the early 90s. One was particularly cool in my book, and that was a little band named Urge Overkill. They catered to the cheesy AM sound that I have always been fond of, plus they wore matching jackets and long gold logo-emblazoned medallions and drank martinis. Saturation was the first album put in the tape deck of my first car and I have vivid memories of days spent driving around with Aaron Evans and Crystal Hotchko listening to "The Stalker" and "Positive Bleeding". I thought they were geniuses. Then they dropped off the face of the earth.

When I went up to Chicago, I was excited to find out that Nash Kato was having an album release party the second night I was in town. However, that didn't end up working out for our schedule and I spent that evening in Indiana instead of in a little club with The Man.

Last night Mr. National Kato came to Ft. Worth. I was thrilled beyond belief to finally get to see this guy I had admired so, and so Rajesh and I headed to the Wreck Room with me giddy beyond what should be allowed.

I didn't expect there to be so many people there when I walked in, but it was packed. We missed the first act but got there in time to see Supagroup. Supagroup were great. They played up every rock cliche in the book. There were mullets in the front row head-banging, while short little Asian men on stage in Van Halen tour shirts shredded their guitars. Even I gave the devil-horns for some songs. It was a blast.

Nash came on after that, seeming a little out of it. He opened with "Born in the Eighties" and it sounded awful. The sound was bad, the guitars weren't working properly, and he was just not there. They took a little break after the first song and got adjusted, and he played "Positive Bleeding". I was so happy, I was about to pop. A good majority of the set-list turned out to be Urge songs, and everyone in the crowd seemed really happy. For "Bottle of Fur", two girls in bad skirts got on stage and danced around the band, and the guys seemed to be really amused by it. By the end of the show, we were all grinning from ear to ear (except maybe Rajesh because he's not really an Urge fan) and the set seemed all-too short. He came back out for an encore and did a cover of "Dirty Work". For the life of me, I CANNOT remember who did it originally. You know, "I don't want to do your dirty work no more" ... if you know who did this originally, email me. It's driving me crazy because I know who it is, and I just can't seem to remember.

Afterwards, I got him to sign my copy of Debutante and had my picture taken with him. He called me "baby" and "sugar" and stood next to me while Eric snapped a couple of shots. All I could think of was how tall he wasn't. I expected him to be a giant, but he was barely a couple of inches taller than me. Am I just that oversized?

Well, that aside, I'm very tired today. I've been doing stupid testing all week at work and I was at work for 11 hours yesterday. I'm on-call all weekend too. At first, I was under the impression I was just to come in on Sunday after the changes were made in the Time Entry system, but no, the dreaded coworker came by and told me to be ready to come in tomorrow if everything was running smoothly. Great. I love the fact that I'm not going to have any free time for half of a month. I know it's my job and all to help out with this, but I was told originally it was only for one day and now it's for two. Urgh.

So I guess I should go home and rest up tonight. There's no point in wearing myself ragged if I'm going to have to use the old think tank tomorrow.

Ryan might be coming down by next weekend. We're going to see the Jayhawks that Saturday and then Frank Black the next Monday, and then Marky Ramone and crew are going to be in town later that week. Warren called me the other day at work and asked if they could crash at my place, but it looks like my little house is going to be full of guests as is. I told him I'd make them dinner as a consolation prize, so we might just have ourselves one hell of a punk rock barbecue.

This morning Amanda (my roommate) showed me some promo stuff she got at her store yesterday. More Dandy Warhols stickers, a promo of the new album, a mini-poster, and a can of Campbell's soup with their new sticker slapped on the label. That has to be the stupidest promotional item I have EVER seen. I am irritated at the fact that the label would take the artist's money and use it for something that was worse than those science fair projects I used to slap together the night before they were due. Oh, and if you haven't read Courtney Love's speech yet, do so. I'm really impressed at her math and the points she made. You might not like her at all, but you'll more than likely come away from the speech viewing her a little differently. I know I did.

Now back to work I go. I want to get out of here at a decent time today so that I can, you know, hurry back to the office tomorrow and not be too much of an old curmudgeon about it.