you've got the money, i've got the soul
june 07, 2000

So I'm sitting here watching Erin, who I work with, try to talk to one of our coworkers and get impatient over the fact that said coworker can't spit more than four words out of her mouth without a dramatic pause and a sigh. We have on different occasions sat back and wondered if this coworker had a severe lack of social skills, or was just lost in thought, or if she was just plain autistic. I still can't answer this question and I've been here six months.

And Erin's just as impatient as I am, if not more, when it comes to conversation. What is so hard about having a direct thought pattern and getting to the point?

Work's nice and easy-going this week, whiich I appreciate. Erin's leaving soon so I'm soaking up as much as I can before she changes departments. And once I figured out that I could listen to Sonicnet with my T1 connection all day long, life got a little better. I can honestly say that the only thing that's really pissed me off today is when my browser crashed and I was really enjoying McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed". Right in the middle of the song. One of my very favorite McCartney songs and there was no chance of going back and listening to it. Sure, I could go home and pop it on the record player, but it was nice to have some random generator do the work and surprise me.

Right now, I've got "November Rain" cranked. God Bless Sonicnet. It's a wonderful clear sound that almost never lags and it allows me to leave my CDs at home if I want to without going crazy from the silent buzz in the office all day long.

Outside of my junkie-like Sonicnet addictions, I've just been watching a lot of John Cusack movies and going to the occasional rock and roll throwdown that passes through my one-horse town. I saw Boss Hog last Tuesday and then Primal Scream this past Sunday night. Primal Scream put on a show that I will never forget as long as I live. I danced with reckless abandon, which is something I so do not do in public. Sure, in my living room I've got no beef about strutting around looking like a retard, but to do it around others has always seemed a bit precocious to me.

So yesterday I was in the car with my friend J., who has been alternately nice/creepy for the past 4 years that I've known him. We all know he's full of crap, but that's the joy of having him around. You can only really believe a small fraction of anything that comes out of his mouth, but after all this time of being around him, I can usually tell when he's being legit. Anyways, we're stuck in traffic, and he's telling me about some girl he was with this weekend and then starts to tell me that he meets a lot of chicks on, and this weekend he got an email from a girl here in Dallas who told him he had great taste in music and then gave him her phone number. Girl turns out to be an ex-roomie of mine who is a backstabbing lying bitch. I find the whole thing hilarious that she's picking up guys online, especially one that she hated so much in real life.

Nameless Superfriend of mine had this to offer: "The word skank always comes to mind when I think of her."

Sorry, I'm being mean. I'll stop. I really don't care what she does, but geez, that's really pretty damn funny that she's after internet booty these days.

Not that I can talk. I "dated" a guy in London off and on for a couple of years. That's not much healthier.

Not that it's much better that the guy I'm dating now lives in Chicago. But at least he's in the same time zone and only a very short flight away. I knew it was love when I met him and he gave me a David Lee Roth poster and sang "Islands In The Stream" with me like an hour after we met. Now that he's done with Film School, he might come down to Texas for a while before heading to LA. I'm pretty excited to see how it's going to turn out. I know that Erin will love him, because he loves hockey and is Polish and kind of mean. Amanda (my roommate) will hopefully like him because they've both got a very biting wit and he's just as much of a dork as we are. I'm not sure how Angie (my sister) will take him -- I think she'll like him but at the same time, he's not going to try to butter her up like certain ex-boyfriends of mine have done, *ahem*, and will tell her straight out what he does and does not like. Which, to me, is a good thing. But to her, well, I'm not sure how she'll take him. Regardless, I'm just going to enjoy the time and hopefully I won't drive him crazy with my arrogant loud-mouth.

I'll get those pictures from my trip to Chicago scanned soon. You can see Cat, Ryan, and I get a little bit more inebriated with each shot. It's as subtle as a flip book.

Now to get on home. I'm going to either go out and see Mission: Impossible 2 or Hamlet. I don't really have an opinion on Hamlet, I just hope Ethan Hawke will lose the "I'm about to pee my pants" look for five minutes. And I think John Woo's too much of a buzzword right now and I don't really care for hot action sequences, but I do like Tom Cruise's new haircut and spy atmospheres, so it's kind of a hard choice to make. I'd actually prefer to get down to the dollar theatre to see The Skulls. It's cheaper to get in, it's already apparent that the movie sucked, and it's got Joshua Jackson. What more do I need to pull me in?