don't give yourself away
june 09, 2000

Right now, I'm doing the dance of joy for Erin. She was supposed to leave for Sweden tomorrow for a business trip, but the Stars won the playoff game last night. Which means that they're playing on Saturday night here in Dallas. Which means that she was going to miss out on some ringside tickets for the game. Which means that she would be severely sad and upset on the whole ride and would probably kick herself for missing out for quite some time. So her new boss said "change your ticket". She sat around all afternoon contemplating the change, and finally just did it. I am so happy for her -- what a chance! And to have everyone saying "Go!", well, what a Godsend.

See, the thing is, she took so long to decide because she's a cautious, indecisive Libran. Me being the outrageous, over-the-top Aquarian that I am, saw no problem with this. I know these things because today has been a workday filled with checking our horoscopes and astrological compatablities, and we learned a lot.

Wanna see my cosmic sex appeal? Too bad, here you go:

Mars in Cancer
Your Sex Appeal

When you add Cancer's parental instincts to Mars' warrior nature, you get a woman with a powerfully protective instinct. At times, she can smother those whom she loves with unwanted protectiveness or become sentimental, moody, and steamy! Don't mistake her tenacity for clinging, or you will miss a great prize. She has more force of will than you see on the surface. She will fight to save her home -- and yours, if you are lucky.

The Mars-in-Cancer woman can enjoy strong sexual urges. She craves fulfillment more than most women do, but it's not just the sex act she wants. The need to unite fully drives her in the boudoir. She wants to know her partner inside and out. Sometimes it seems that she can't get intimate enough. She may lose patience with a partner who insists on a sensual diet of quickies-only.

If she isn't careful, she may attract lovers who see her as a universal mom. Although she certainly has maternal instincts, a relationship based on one-way nurturing is doomed to failure in the end. The lover unprepared to give and take in equal measures should not waste this spiritual warrior's time. Here's a fun tidbit: the Mars-in-Cancer woman welcomes edible fare in the boudoir. Food fights and feeding are absolutely allowed in bed.

Famous Women with Mars in Cancer: Diane Keaton, Vivien Leigh, Liza Minelli, Natalie Wood, Tammy Wynette, and Nancy Sinatra

Not bad (I'm saucy!), and here's my "self expression sign":

Mercury in Aquarius

HOW YOU THINK AND COMMUNICATE If you have Mercury in Aquarius in your birth chart, you enjoy an unusual brilliance. You tend to think in ways that are ingenious, visionary, and absolutely original. People with this placement are the innovators, the masters of science and technology, the Leonardo Da Vinci's of the world.

HOW OTHERS REACT You may also curse the very brilliance you possess -- especially in your younger years. Attribute this to others' difficulty in matching your intellectual gifts. In fact, your thinking can be anywhere from five years, to decades, to even centuries ahead of other people's thinking. Accordingly, when others don't quite get your drift or have a hard time following your way-out (but logical!) ideas, you may feel misunderstood.

YOUR COMMUNICATION CHALLENGE Simple communication techniques can help your cause. When someone says something to you, let him or her know you are listening. Because you like to mull over ideas and concepts, be clear that you're thinking about what you heard, but you may not have an answer right away. When you do have your answer -- which could be five hours later -- be clear again that you are now answering the question you were asked five hours ago. It's tempting to talk down to the mere mortals who fail to follow the perambulations of your brilliant mind. Avoid this approach at all costs. You might feel superior for about five seconds, but you won't win many friends. Break your thoughts down into bite-sized morsels, and -- without attitude -- check in with your listener to make sure he or she is still with you. You might even gain leave to ratchet the intellectual level up a few notches, to the delight of all parties to your conversation. This way, you can invite others to feel as smart as you are. People like that.

HOW YOU CAN CONNECT You tend to come up with outrageous ideas, that are lofty, objective, and inspired. If they fly right over the heads of others, back up and break it down. Once others get what you're talking about, you connect in electrifying ways. Emotionally, you may find yourself somewhat challenged to state how you feel. Something might bother or move you -- your heart may well up -- but the words to describe the feeling may elude you. Reverse the process here and let more emotionally attuned people guide you through the steps. As you experience these different forms of expression -- rational, emotional, and intuitive -- you'll get the understanding you need and go on to enrich your relationships with multiple dimensions of feeling.

I have to admit, I'm such a sucker for this sort of ridiculous b.s. The weird part is, a lot of this stuff is pretty accurate. Erin's was also pretty accurate for hers. I feel like such a moron for even putting this up here, much less reading it the first time around, but hell, I'm bored and this is as interesting as anything I've read all day.

Except for the fact that I found out that Nash Kato is going to be here next Thursday at the Wreck Room in Fort Worth! Do you know how happy this makes me? He is so very cool, and I can't wait to see him play. I loved Urge Overkill back in the day and this is going to be a great night for me. As long as we don't get in another wreck on the way home from the Wreck Room like we did last time I was there. Goodness, that was a long time ago. Regardless, everyone should visit his website and download "Zooey Suicide". And see him when he comes to town, because I said so. And being the "electrifying brilliant intellectual aquarian" that I am, you should take heed to my word.

I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Sheesh.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, just to have some time to lay around in bed and do nothing. I do have to say that I'm going to miss coming to work, just because I really have become addicted to Sonicnet. My station rules my day. Right now I'm listening to Smashing Pumpkins' "I Am One". Before that was McCartney's "Say Say Say". Rule!! Rule!! Rule!!

Have a good weekend. Look at my pictures from my trip to Chicago. Is Cat not adorable? And Ryan? Yes, they both are. I love them to pieces. I had so much fun up there, I really miss them both. Woe is me.

Now to get home and watch that ABC Boy Band special. I'm so hooked! Tonight they're supposed to be at a big party and they start a mosh pit or something and get their little buff rear ends in trouble. I hope they feel bad for it and sit around and sing some a capella Boyz II Men again. Those scenes just kill me.